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Enhanced Security Measures

  •   Dedicated Information Security Officer with formal accountability for information security.
  •   Regular security program audits conducted by an independent third party.
  •   Frequent penetration tests performed on all systems by a third-party auditor.
  •   Evaluation of the security measures of vendors and subcontractors.
  •   An established incident response procedure is in place.

Security Infrastructure

  •   Continuous CCTV Surveillance, Accessible only to Authorized Personnel.
  •   Round-the-clock Security Personnel Deployment.
  •   Thorough Screening Protocols for Visitors and Employees.
  •   Strict Prohibition of USB Drives and CDs on Workplace Premises.
  •   Implementation of Biometric Attendance and Physical Login Systems.
  •   Robust System for Addressing and Notifying Physical Security Breaches.
  •   Uninterrupted Power Backup with Effective Monitoring Mechanisms.
  •   Building-Wide HVAC System for Environmental Control.
  •   Advanced Fire Control Systems Ensuring Full-fledged Safety Measures.

Strengthened Network Security Protocols

  •   Implemented Stringent Configuration Guidelines for Network Equipment.
  •   Deployed a Robust Infrastructure of Firewalls.
  •   Utilized a Firewall Analyzer for Ongoing Monitoring.
  •   Ensured Secure Data Transmission (images) through 128-bit SSL-encrypted channels.
  •   Implemented LAN Segmentation with Enhanced Firewall Safeguards.
  •   Restricted External Access to Only DNS and SMTP Servers, disabling other ports.


(I) Server

  •   Latest Windows & operating system, consistently maintained with regular updates and security patches.
  •   Antivirus in place.
  •   Login Records maintained.
  •   Real-time backup of all data is done regularly either in the client's server farms or our data servers, depending on the client's choice.

(II) Computers/ Laptops

  •   The Windows operating system is always up-to-date with the latest updates and security patches.
  •   Antivirus in place.
  •   Client Login Records are maintained.
  •   Source document access is restricted to authorized employees.
  •   No fax and printing capabilities at the processing site.
  •   PCs used for processing lack both CD ROM drives and web access.
  •   Paperless Work-floor.

Resource Security Practices

  •   Implementation of Multi-Factor Authentication for System Access.
  •   Regular Security Awareness Programs to Educate Employees on Emerging Threats.
  •   Strict Access Controls to Limit Unauthorized Access to Sensitive Resources.
  •   Encryption of Confidential Data to Safeguard Information Integrity.
  •   Regular Audits and Assessments to Identify and Address Security Vulnerabilities.